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Jeffrey A. Hirsch - The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles
Written by Jeffrey Hirsch, President of the Hirsch Organization and Editor-in-Chief of the Stock Trader's Almanac, this reliable resource explains why these cycles occur, provides the historical evidence behind them, and shows you how to capture consistent profits from them moving forward. In addition to describing his most widely followed cycles and patters, Hirsch also discusses both longer term boom-bust economic cycles and shorter term tendencies involving the best days, weeks, and months of the year to trade the market.

Jeffrey Tennant: The MEJT System.

This book is not another compilation of indicators you already know; none of the tools herein has been published in book form before. MEJT is a different system based on the principle that price action during certain times of the day allows you to make predictions regarding future support and resistance levels. The system allows you to tell, well in advance, which moves might have staying power and which ones should retrace.

If you use technical analysis to trade the markets, this book will give you information you can, and will, use every day.

 Larry R. Williams: Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading

"Larry is the only person I know who can mix systems and rules with confessions of his soul. This book should have universal appeal to not only the trading world but to all who apply themselves to the laws of the universe. This is a study of the self, the markets, and the interfacing of the two." - Linda Raschke, President, LBR Group, Inc., CTA.

J.M. Hurst: Cyclic Analysis: A Dynamic Approach to Technical Analysis

In the 1970’s an American engineer called JM Hurst published a theory about why financial markets move in the way they do. The theory was the result of many years of research on powerful mainframe computers, and it became known as Hurst’s Cyclic Theory. Hurst claimed a 90% success rate trading on the basis of his theory, and yet the theory has remained largely undiscovered and often misunderstood. Hurst published another book called The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing. There are a number of very enthusiastic advocates, prominent traders and writers who proclaim Hurst as the “father of cyclic analysis” and confirm the efficacy of the theory (including the late Brian Millard who wrote several books about Hurst’s theory)